About Gym Quest Gymnastics

Behind Gym Quest​

​Gym Quest has been serving the Richmond and surrounding communities since 2001.

Our symbol of a "stylized" Olympic Torch is especially important to us as constant reminder that You Never Know What You Can Do Until You TRY.

​Our founder Coach Doug spent months in the hospital due to an exceedingly rare illness called Guillian Barre Syndrome. He was completely paralyzed and in a coma for months.  His family, friends, and community mobilized around him and through amazing Drs., prayers and working together he was able to come out right before Easter - the time of rebirth.  When he got out of the hospital and was learning how to walk again he was voted by his peers from across the country and overseas as one worthy to carry the Olympic Torch.  He won the vote, and proudly ran the Olympic Torch through a section of Washington, D.C. for the 2000 Winter Games.

​His spirit of determination to fight his illness and come out on top was an inspiration to thousands.  Those ideals of determination, trying your best when it's tough or seems impossible, and selfless service to others are what Gym Quest strives to embody each and every day.

​We have taught hundreds of athletes from 15 months to 55 years old. We have had athletes compete in national and international competitions. We have hosted international athletes. We have hosted international coaches and judges.  We place athletes in college programs for NCAA, NAIGC, and USAIGC college gymnastics programs across the country.

​We take our mission seriously, and have become the premier gymnastics training center for boys and girls in the Richmond and surrounding areas. ​


Where Children Grow...Stronger

​Gym Quest offers gymnastics programs for youth of all ages and developmental skill levels; from Preschool Classes through Advanced and Competitive Team.  We have designed programs for children with special physical or other needs so that they may gain all the confidence, physical, and mental benefits of gymnastics, in the same way as their peers.  We believe that every athlete deserves a chance to excel but still have fun along the way.  Our approach is not to put every child on our Competitive Team, but to create athletes and teach them a love of gymnastics and the skills and accolades will follow.

Advancement to one of the Gym Quest Competition Teams is possible for those athletes who excel in the recreational program, or come with prior team experience. Our history of athlete accomplishments includes full college scholarships, and champions each year at the State, Regional and National levels.  Our competitive team staff consists of the USA Gymnastics Virginia State Director for the Men's Program, and prior National and International National Team Members.   Don't let the high level personnel fool you: Gym Quest specializes in providing EACH child the opportunity to grow and develop into amazing athletes.  We are the Premier Gymnastics Training  Center without the stuffy atmosphere or negative coaching!  We have placed athletes on college teams and are a known, sought after program for consistent performance.

​History of the Gym

​Gym Quest opened its doors in May 2001 with only a small Boys' team and recreational classes.  In December of that year, the Girls' competitive program was introduced.  The gym grew over the years and, in 2013, added the Xcel team to its roster. Doug and Colleen Lubking, the gym's founders, opened Gym Quest with the simple goal of creating a family-oriented gymnastics facility rather than a business-oriented one, and that aspiration remains alive and well to this day.

​About the Facility​

The Gym Quest facility is 13,000 square feet with an attached lobby/observation area.  The gym houses equipment for Men's and Women's Artistic Gymnastics events at or above USAG competition standards as well as progression/transitional equipment for most events.  In addition, Gym Quest is home to a 50-foot Tumbl Trak - the longest one in the Richmond area, including a trampoline and harness systems over trampoline. The gym has air conditioning, heat and industrial ventilation.