Gym Quest Team Gymnastics

Gym Quest’s Competitive Teams comprise athletes who have shown considerable proficiency in the sport of gymnastics coupled with enthusiastic dedication and an attitude of self-improvement. Participation in the Team program is by special invitation from a Gym Quest Coach. For more information please contact Colleen Lubking or Doug Lubking  at (804) 262-9400, or email the gym:

Current team families, remember to update your information with the office to continue to receive team emails.  Gym Quest annually updates information from the athlete registration card, after Back to the Gym Night.  After that, it is your responsibility to update any changed information.

Boys Team

The Gym Quest Men's Program consists of The Men's Development Program utilizing the club, national and elite programs. Gym Quest's program was started by former USA Gymnastics Virginia State Director Doug Lubking. The team continues to excel on the state, regional and national levels of competition. The men's team is currently lead by internationally ranked Coach Kenys Lucena. Participation in the Men's Team Program is by invitation only. Please contact the gym directly for more information on our Team Program.

Girls Team

The Gym Quest Women's Team Program consists of the USA Gymnastics Women's Development Program Pre -Team Levels 1 & 2, Women's Artistic Gymnastics in Competitive Levels 4 through 10 and USA Gymnastics Xcel in divisions Bronze through Diamond. Gym Quest Gymnasts have successfully earned coveted placements on multiple NCAA College Teams for both Gymnastics and the newest NCAA sport, Acro Tumbling. The success of our athletes is a culmination of commitment, determination, talent, coaching, and a shared drive to reach the top of one's potential. Participation in our competitive team program is by invitation only. Please contact the gym for more information with regards to our competitive team.